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Haunted Courthouses, Jails and Libraries, and the Famous Haunted House Case

by Lynn Lenart, Law Librarian on October 30, 2009

in Legal Resources,Lynn Lenart

Let's have some fun!  Below is a sampling of haunted courthouses, haunted jails and even haunted libraries.  Some of the ghostly apparitions were caught on security cameras or web cams!  

Haunted Courthouses

 Haunted Jails

Haunted Libraries

 Buying a Haunted House?

Can you back out of a deal if you bought a home but then discover it is haunted?  Can you get your money back?  Well, in New York in 1991 there was such a case,  Stambovsky v. Ackley, 572 N.Y.2d 672 (NY App. Div. 1991).  It seems that Helen Ackley owned the home and knew that it was haunted.  In fact, so did everyone in the neighborhood.  Helen enjoyed the ghosts but the new owner, who was from New York City, did not know about the houseâs reputation, did not enjoy spending $650,000 for a haunted house and wanted out of the deal.  In the end, the court let the potential buyer out of the contract.  More information with picture of the home here and here.

The judge had great fun writing the opinion, sprinkling references to ghosts, hauntings, paranormal phenomena, and even the Ghostbusters movie.  The opinion begins withâ¦âPlaintiff, to his horror, discovered that the houseâ¦â   The judge also stated that the âas a matter of law, the house is haunted.â   The court opinion is fun to read, is only 6 pages long and can be found here.   More about the story here.

Happy Halloween!

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