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President Obama Responds to Yoani Sanchez, Cuban Blogger

by Professor Will Huhn on November 19, 2009

in Constitutional Law,Wilson Huhn

     Yoani Sanchez, a courageous Cuban blogger, reports in the Huffington Post that President Obama responded to seven questions that she had posed to him.   More below.

     On November 6, Juan O. Tamayo of the Miami Herald reported that Yoani Sanchez was detained and beaten by Cuban state security officials while on her way to a march against violence.  On November 18, in an article posted by the Huffington Post, Sanchez revealed that she had submitted six questions to Raul Castro, President of Cuba, and seven questions to Barack Obama, President of the United States.  Here are the questions she asked President Obama:

For years Cuba has been a U.S. foreign policy issue as well as a domestic one, in particular because of the large Cuban American community. From your perspective, in which of the two categories should the Cuban issue fit?

Should your administration be willing to put an end to this dispute, would it recognize the legitimacy of the Raul Castro government as the only valid interlocutor in the eventual talks?

Has the U.S. government renounced the use of military force as a way to end the dispute?

Raul Castro has said publicly that he is open to discuss any topic with the U.S. provided there is mutual respect and a level playing field. Is Raul asking too much?

In a hypothetical U.S.- Cuba dialog, would you entertain participation from the Cuban exile community, the Cuba-based opposition groups and nascent Cuban civil society groups?

You strongly support the development of new communication and information technologies. But, Cubans continue to have limited access to the internet. How much of this is due to the U.S. embargo and how much of it is the responsibility of the Cuban government?

Would you be willing to travel to our country?

     The President's answers may be found here in an article posted today by Sanchez in the Huffington Post.  They may also be found here at Yoani's website, Generation Y.

     Carlos Lauria of CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) posted an article this afternoon reporting that Sanchez spoke to him from her home in Havana and that she was "astounded" when the President answered her questions.  Lauria also provides background information about Sanchez, including the fact that she received the Maria Moors Cabot Award from Columbia University for excellence in Latin American reporting.

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