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Patent Reform Heads to the President for Signature

September 9, 2011

Yesterday evening, after several years of failed legislative proposals to reform the Patent Act, the first major overhaul of the patent laws since 1952 took place.  The Senate passed H.R. 1249 (89-9), also known as the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act.  President Obama is expected to sign the bill shortly.  Below are some of the provisions […]

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Health care costs

June 1, 2011

Medicare is not sustainable, due to spiraling health care costs. Republicans successfully bashed Democrats last fall over the cost control measures in the Affordable Care Act (or "Obamacare," if you prefer); Democrats are successfully bashing Republicans right now over the voucher approach in the Ryan budget proposal. Neither is particularly responsible, in my view, nor […]

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Senate Releases Financial Crisis Report

April 22, 2011

Senate Investigations Subcommittee Releases Levin-Coburn Report On the Financial Crisis âOur investigation found a financial snake pit rife with greed, conflicts of interest, and wrongdoing,â said Levin.   Read how investment banks took actions to actually profit from the decline of the mortgage market at the expense of their clients!  This is quite an exposeâ.

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Looting After the Tsu-nuke-quake

March 16, 2011

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there were reports of widespread looting in New Orleans, and in the debate about the justification for looting, arguments tend to revolve around whether the behavior in question is perceived as exploitive criminality, for which a law enforcement crackdown would be in order, or foraging for necessities in extreme circumstances, […]

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Ohio Senate Bill 5 abolishing state collective bargaining rights

February 18, 2011

Senate Bill 5 would affect all public employees in Ohio.

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Income gap between the rich and the poor

February 5, 2011

Is there an increasing gap between the rich and poor?  This isnât news but based on some of the comments to Thursdayâs blog post I decided to point readers to government information on this topic.

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“Robo-Signing” – Ohio’s foreclosure lawsuit

November 12, 2010

The Ohio Attorney Generalâs Office has joined other states in filing a lawsuit against fraudulent foreclosure proceedings.   For an easy to understand explanation of robo-signing fraud see this PBS .org article.    Comments posted after the article describe horrible tactics used by the banks and mortgage companies.  Other good general articles are here and here.   The Ohio […]

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New decision on state funding of religious student groups

September 3, 2010

In my Law and Theology seminar, the students (and I) are authoring a course blog. My latest entry is about a recent decision in the 7th Circuit on the funding of student worship and proselytizing activities by the University of Wisconsin. Check it out here.

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Easier than ever to search federal regulations!

July 30, 2010

National Archives Unveils New Federal Register 2.0 Web Site to Mark 75th Anniversary âThe FR 2.0 web site will be similar to a daily web newspaper, with a clear layout and new tools to guide readers to the most popular topics and relevant documents. The site will display individual news sections for Money, Environment, World, […]

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Financial Crisis Timeline

July 23, 2010

Sullivan & Worcester recently announced a free resource for law and corporate librarians, researchers and reporters. The Financial Crisis Timeline is a full chronological directory of the Federal Governmentâs actions relating to the financial crisis since March 2008. Links take the user to government press releases or government web pages.  The Timeline is available at: […]

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Free legal research on the web

July 16, 2010

Guides to conducting legal research on the web

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America Speaking Out – new web site seeking input from Americans

July 9, 2010

 âAmericaSpeakingOut site was developed by House Republicans as part of an official effort to increase the dialogue between Americans and their Congress.  Here, Americans are provided a new platform to share their priorities and ideas for a national policy agenda.â  You can post comments on categories already listed, submit ideas or vote your approval of […]

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