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Car Chase -- Community Blog

OK, I’m addicted to watching the collector car auctions. Last night, I was watching one on television while streaming another one live on my laptop. I am definitely addicted to this strange genre of automotive reality television.

 One of the things that attract me to these events are the unique and sometimes odd vehicles that periodically cross the block. People who know me will testify that I have had my fair share of “interesting” automobiles but I am still amazed at some of the stuff that shows up in Scottsdale. What’s even more amazing is what people will pay for these oddities. For example a BMW Isetta, a 300cc powered, three-wheeled tin can with a front mounted refrigerator door, sold for nearly $50,000! That amount will buy you some pretty nice real estate in Akron these days.

 I would be very interested to hear what unique vehicles you may have owned or driven over the years. They could have been cheap or expensive, bought out of desire or necessity. With our proximity to Detroit and our heritage as the tire capital, I’m sure that plenty of “special” cars roamed our roads.