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New Cars

What's Your Favorite Car Color?

August 30, 2011

I have an automotive idiosyncrasy. OK, I have several, but one is very obvious. The car I use as my "daily driver" has to be silver. Don't ask me how this started because I don't know. I can't even say that silver is my favorite color. Regardless, when it comes time to buy a new […]

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You Can Buy a $220,000 Used Car Right Here!

August 22, 2011

My daughter needs a better beater for school so I did a random search for local used cars on the autos site. Much to my surprise, the first car to pop up was this 2011 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG for sale in Cleveland for nearly a quarter million dollars!  Now, this wouldn't be news if I […]

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Should I buy a motorcycle?

August 13, 2011

I know this blog is called "Car Chase" but, for the first time in my life, I have a serious interest in owning and riding a motorcycle. Don't ask me why, but I wandered into the Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph dealership a few months ago and was dazzled by the motorcycles there. The dealership, […]

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How do you shop for a new car?

August 7, 2011

I was picking up a part from a dealer the other day and, hanging on the wall, was an ad from a June, 1955 edition of the Beacon Journal for the predecessor Ford dealer. Though I'm not quite that old, it brought back great memories of how I used to excitedly look through the newspaper's […]

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Fuel Efficient and Fun to Drive

June 10, 2011

I just returned from a trip to Europe, where I was astounded by the number of cool yet very efficient cars which are sold over there that we never see. For example, we rented a VW minivan which was just a size shorter than the rebadged Chrysler that VW markets in our country. It was […]

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Big Doings in Detroit

January 11, 2011

We are on the eve of the opening of the largest new car show in the United States. The North American International Auto Show opened to the press yesterday and will officially be open to the public on Saturday, January 15.   This amazing event is held at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit; an easy three hour […]

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What's Your Automotive Christmas Wish?

December 21, 2010

It's that time of year again when both young and old dream about special gifts they're hoping to receive. For car guys*, the focus is on anything automotive. Whether it's a new car, a special collector car, high performance parts or car toys or books, that's all we can think about. Even though I didn't […]

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"New" GM preparing for initial stock offering

November 4, 2010

It has been announced that, in its quest to free itself from U.S. Governement ownership, General Motors is preparing for an initial stock offering to the tune of $13 billion. When completed, this will reduce our share of "Government Motors" from 61% to 43%. Even though these numbers disregard massive loan forgiveness and made-to-order tax […]

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Porsche Announces New Speedster

October 9, 2010

One of the most iconic model names in Porsche history is due to reappear for a very limited run in 2011. The Porsche Speedster, originally introduced in 1954 as an entry level model to the 356 series was built through the 1958 model year, with production totaling just over 4,000 units. These original Porsche 356 […]

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What is Akron's best auto repair place?

September 30, 2010

That should be an easy question for someone who is into cars as much as I am but it's not. You see, I mostly worry about the best craftsmen to take care of our old cars and I have a long list of specialists to go to. My dilemma is primarily my wife's modern daily […]

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