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Branding Your Company and Your Self

November 28, 2011

The branding of a company is a hot topic; as is the branding of oneself as an applicant for jobs. A question is where does the brand come from. One answer, and I think a good one, is that the Organizational Brand is a reflection of how you treat your employees. That is, if you […]

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From the White House – New Federal Approach to Hiring

May 13, 2010

The memo contained in the corresponding link describes a “new” approach to Federal recruitment and hiring. From an HR perspective, and reading between the lines, two interesting aspects are (1) the deemphasis on the Training & Experience (T&E) approaches, which have been heavily criticized, and (2) a movement away from the Rule of 3 to […]

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Workforce and Succession Planning

March 30, 2010

A local Hudson author, Jeffrey Gross has tapped his consulting experience to put together an excellent guide to strategic workforce and succession planning. The book is Workforce Planning: 90 Day Action Plan Handbook.  What I like about this guide is that it is practical, organized, and presents a step by step approach. Many organizations put […]

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Job Loss in Government

October 12, 2009

I find it extremely difficult to predict the future. Everytime I try to I am wrong. So I provide this report from IPMA-HR on job losses in the government. There are of course two issues. One how many losses will there be over the next two years. Two, how will this impact the relative ratio of […]

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All a Twitter

September 24, 2009

We have previously discussed the phenomena of employers searching social network sites for information on job candidates. The September issue of IPMA HR News report on a CareerBuilder Survey that finds 45% of employers use social network sites to research job candidates, up from 22%. Of those: 29% use FaceBook 26% LinkedIn 21% MySpace 11% Blogs […]

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From Our Friends at HR Tests

September 7, 2009

From Bryan Baldwin and the excellent blog at HR Tests. Case in point: the state of Washington recently decided to abandon their efforts to implement SAP E-Recruiting after nearly three years and millions of dollars. The state will now go with a hosted solution which is estimated to be $700-800,000 a year cheaper (and hopefully […]

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More on Googling for Applicant Information

June 23, 2009

We have previously discussed googling for applicant information. According to a recent news item, the City of Bozeman, MT, takes this to a new extreme. According to the news item, and also our good friends at HR Tests: Looking for a way to turn off qualified applicants in one easy step? The City of Bozeman, […]

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Academic Time to Hire

May 19, 2009

When I start thinking about the issue of time-to-hire, I contrast two very different approaches. The two approaches are the 1) corporate – we need someone yesterday approach and the 2) academic – it takes us a year to fill a position approach. So, I thought I would reflect on the academic approach. The very […]

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Killing the Messenger – Criticism of Testing

April 2, 2009

In our society, there also seems to be a real distrust, perhaps even hatred, of testing. For me, the scary part is that as a result of the expansion of standardized testing in the schools, this distrust of testing is now being taught by teachers to their elementary school classes. Thus, from an early age, […]

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Public Sector High Stakes Testing – Musings on the Competition

April 1, 2009

Although we regard public sector hiring in high stakes positions such as police as being based on “merit,” it is more of a competition. Because it is a competition, people get upset when they think someone else has an unfair advantage in that competition. 10,000 people may be competing for 10 positions and in such […]

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