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Noodles Canoodles

by Tia on December 15, 2010

in Commercial RE

I love all the noodle stores that have popped up all over the country.  My fav of all is "The Noodle Company" – I LOVE IT!   You have a choice of noodles done with Chinese, Italian, or American flair.  There is something for everyone's palette – its quick, easy, and relatively healthy.

Per an interesting blog entry from me earlier today, a noodle store has come closer to home, "Laughing Noodles" opened in Springfield Ohio.   An even MORE interesting blog entry (not possible) on noodles from another great blogger talks about what an exciting new ventures noodles are becoming;  "While noodles, and restaurants serving noodles, are nothing new, national noodle chains are just emerging. These concepts are in their franchising infancy, some having fewer than 10 operating units. "A lot of cities and markets around the country have never seen a noodle concept. The trend is just beginning, and we're on the forefront of it," says George Krotonsky, president of Wild Noodles, a fast-casual chain serving up noodle dishes from around the world."

This entry was posted in 2003!!!  WTF AKRON – Where are our  chain noodle stores!  NOODLES NOODLES NOODLES