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Fab or Miz?

Fab or Miz: The Tripod Lamp?

March 25, 2011

We are doing some remodeling at the house, simple bedroom updates.  Since, I have become OBSESSED with the tripod floor lamp.  I tried to look up some facts about this lamp style thinking there would be great information (ie: The Herman Miller chairs, etc),  there was NADA!   Oh well!   What I like best is their transitional […]

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Fab or Miz: Whose Shopping?

March 18, 2011

I found this article funny – it is one of the biggest battles that The Mr and I wage!   He hates my grocery store trips and claims I always spend too much at the grocery store.  He hates my shopping so much so he has BANNED me from the weekly trip.  This has been FINE by […]

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Fab or Miz: A Reason to Shop JC Penny's

February 11, 2011

With that title being said, JC Penny's has become my dirty secret.  I LOVE shopping there for work.  The clothes are the right price and frankly – I don't work with the most fashion forward people so basic office looks are ok.  With THAT being said – I always try to add my own touch […]

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Fab or Miz: Electric Charge?

February 8, 2011

 New Jersey is in the forefront of states building an infrastructure to support electric vehicles, Democrats in the Assembly yesterday began passing a package of bills mandating development of charging stations at new shopping centers and rest areas along the New Jersey Turnpike.  The five-bill package also includes tax incentives to buy electric vehicles and […]

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Fab or Miz: Forever 21's Story

February 1, 2011

I was sort of sucked into an article which lead to today's post.  It was about Forever 21 and was published in the Bloomberg Business Report last week.  I have not stopped thinking about it.   The article was titled, "Forever 21's Fast (and Lose) Empire" (by Sue Berfield) .  The article is FASCINATING!   I started by skimming […]

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Fab or Miz: The Fireplace

January 25, 2011

In Greek mythology, fire was a gift from the divine, stolen from Zeus by Prometheus and handed over to shivering humanity. What could be more natural than sitting around a crackling fire on a winter night?  Nothing – I wanted to jump in my fireplace all weekend!!!  As hard as it may be to believe, […]

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Happy 2011!!!!!!

January 1, 2011

Well – the new year is here!!!   How was your 2010?  I am not sure where 2010 went but I do know my 2010 was the best and worst year ever – I lost and gained family members, jobs, and real estate!!!!!!  What a year but in the end I would do it ALL again! I am […]

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If You Can't Beat Them – Join Them!

November 16, 2010

What happens when the market won't let you in?  With the retail market and, frankly, development in general being completely saturated, one company is buying shares of retailers to own their real estate.  Brilliant or insane?!. Property is becoming too expensive or too complicated to buy, so Vornado Realty’s tactic is still to buy the retailers […]

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Carried Interest Tax

September 29, 2010

The past two days, CIT seems to be on everyone's mind – fab or miz? A carried-interest tax increase may be returning to the Senate agenda. On Sept. 16 Senator Max Baucus of Montana introduced a new version of the tax-extenders bill — paid for with a carried-interest tax boost. The proposal would establish a […]

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LV Closing Early – Fab or Miz?

September 24, 2010

You can imagine the sadness in my heart to hear that LV is closing an hour early in Paris because they are saving up  inventory for the upcoming holidays.  (Cue Rick) BUT is their business strategy fab or miz? Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton has begun closing its Paris shops an hour earlier than usual, in […]

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